By Cullen Scott


A Techno-Thriller

In a society where any act of terrorism or murder is instantly rewarded by death, small town nobodies, Sofia and Talon, must fight for their lives when they destabilize a world balanced on the edge of annihilation.

Shiny new author

Cullen Scott

Happily married for 35 years and watched after by two wonderful children. I have A BSME and MBA from Santa Clara University. My technical expertise spans biotech, satellites, mainframes, RFID and fiber optics. I am the listed inventor for several patents in the field of Radio Frequency Identification. Stung is my first novel, but it will not be my last. Along with having fun, I am looking to test the limits of what future worlds might look like and what readers might believe.

Book Projects


Calamity Stevens is a young, rebellious researcher in the field of aging. She believes the mainstream theories are misguided for trying to explain what should not be happening…humans should not be growing old. This kind of thinking soon has Calamity running for her life from a clandestine group that is determined to bury her research and the secrets that surround her. 

The Sting of Death

Book 2 of the Stung Series. Details of this book will be provided shortly after the launch of Stung.

Blinking at the Stars

This project is in the early exploration phase…whatever that means. I’ve glimpsed numerous phenomenon in my life that my engineering side quickly discarded. I plan to revisit a few with readers to see who else has had similar experiences, with the hope of putting me in position to normalize them as everyday occurrences…in a fictional story, of course.